We know that the experience of purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be contentious for many organizations. Establishing a supply chain for PPE can be intimidating for anyone, and outsourcing is a separate beast.


 Additionally, there are significant challenges to provide and maintain PPE in settings that are global in scale with diverse jurisdictional laws and regulations.


Kure Medical Supply has created a platform which allows you to procure and manage all your PPE needs from one company You don’t need to seek out a distributor, or call different vendors to get the gear your personnel need – we do the heavy lifting for you.

S.A.M. Strapless Adhesive Masks

S.A.M. Strapless Adhesive Masks


The revolutionary face mask design is a convenient, single-use protective mask that can be worn anytime and anywhere needed. Our 3-layer pleated fabric is loop and wire free. It uses a skin safe reposition-able adhesive to positively attach all the way around the edge. This provides a dramatically better seal and stops the wearer from feeling mask movement.  With the mask no longer sliding off the nose, the need to keep adjusting it goes away.  And we all know that not touching the mask is a good thing


SAMs keep stray bits of hair out of the mask (grr.. itchy!), prevent moist breath from blowing backwards on someone near the head (ew gross), reduces eye glass fogging and most importantly, stays on without any loops or strings.


Comfortable, competitive and guaranteed to provide a better and higher quality experience.  


Mask Filter Material:  Outer layer (non-woven fabric), middle layer (melt-blown non-woven fabric), and inner layer (non-woven fabric)
Size: 6.5"x 3.75" (17 cm x 9 cm)
Color: White
Adhesive: Hypoallergenic, latex free, skin safe
Shelf life: Two years 



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