We know that the experience of purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be contentious for many organizations. Establishing a supply chain for PPE can be intimidating for anyone, and outsourcing is a separate beast.


 Additionally, there are significant challenges to provide and maintain PPE in settings that are global in scale with diverse jurisdictional laws and regulations.


Kure Medical Supply has created a platform which allows you to procure and manage all your PPE needs from one company You don’t need to seek out a distributor, or call different vendors to get the gear your personnel need – we do the heavy lifting for you.

Kids Adjustable Cotton Masks

Kids Adjustable Cotton Masks


Toddler Little Kids 100% Cotton Mask with Filter Pocket + Adjustable Ear Loops --- everything you need for a comfortable yet functional mask for your little ones! Toddler Mask Measure: 5.5" long, and 4.5" in the center. These fit better on babies / toddlers / small kids. -


Reusable Kids Mask made in soft cotton, with filter pocket, and adjustable ear loops.- The cotton mask is washable: Please hand wash in cold water, and hang dry.- Filters are disposable and can not be washed.